VR Proffie soundfont maker?

I’m interested in attempting to make a VR unity game (if possible, for PCVR and Quest) that can emulate ProffieOS within a VR lightsaber and also have a UI for creating and editing soundfonts. However, if I do, I’m gonna need a lot of help, especially considering my inexperience with both Unity and ProffieOS. Is there anyone here who knows a lot about the inner workings of one or the other that would be willing to help me out?


I don’t know much about unity, but I think this would be a cool project. My time is fairly limited, so I won’t promise that I’m going to write a bunch of code, but I will happily help with answering questions and coming up with ideas for how to make ProffieOS run in a different environment.


If your objective is to edit sound fonts, you don’t necessarily need all of ProffieOS but you do need the smooth swing algorithm, which is detailed here:

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