Volume menu help

I have Proffie 6.9 and can’t figure out how to enter the volume menu anymore, worked once, someone wanna help me out please. Hold Pwr+Aux wont work anymore…
Config at 89red.h - Pastebin.com

You need to set up your config to work with my prop in OS6 & 7 and review the Controls, your current config is not set up correctly as it’s missing the common folder in your presets which are required for my prop in both OS6 & 7.

I’d recommend updating to OS7 as there are many updates and improvements. Then review the Set Up Instructions on this page along with the controls for the prop.

You can also use my config helper tool to help you with syntax and enabling/disabling features.
Just watch video and read descriptions and instructions.

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Thank you. All fixed now (i think :sweat_smile:)

Good to hear.

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Everything works, but now i noticed, that tip drag works only pointing upwards :exploding_head:

Is you USB port pointing away from the blade or towards the blade?

If it’s pointing towards the blade you need this define


As always, master Fett saves the day :upside_down_face:. Thank you very much. Case closed (i hope :grin:).

You’re welcome

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