"Volume Menu" and "Exiting Volume Menu" voice lines don't play on some fonts

Hey all,

This is my first post on The Crucible so please let me know if I can format this post to be more helpful.

I am still relatively new to the world of Proffie but have had great successes in learning the ropes, creating and editing configs, blade styles, crystal chambers, etc.

I recently added the “common” folder from the Voice Pack B to my SD card, and added “common” to all my font names in my config. However, I noticed something interesting where entering the volume menu on my Sabertrio doesn’t play the “Volume Menu” and “Exiting Volume Menu” voice lines for two of my fonts (ANH_Training and Ahsoka). The dial clicks and “Minimum Volume”/“Maximum Volume” still work though. At the end of the day, it’s not a huge deal as the volume menu function still works - I just find it weird that those voice lines don’t play for only two of my fonts.

Config pasted below:

Sabertrio config

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Connect to the Serial Monitor

Arduino > Tools > Serial Monitor

Enter the mode, see what it prints out when going in and out of the mode. It’s possible the sound is not formatted correctly, misnamed or missing. Post the output from the Serial Monitor here and we can take a look.

Will do. I haven’t touched the Serial Monitor before so I’ll do some reading and get to work on it.

Thanks, Fett.

Here are the results:

"Playing vmbegin.wav, channels: 2 rate: 44100 bits: 32

Unsupported sample size.

Unmounting SD Card.

Amplifier off.

EVENT: Power-Released#1 millis=5868

EVENT: Power-Released millis=5868

EVENT: Power-Pressed#1 millis=12881

EVENT: Power-Pressed millis=12881

EVENT: Clash mods Power millis=12982

EVENT: Power-Released#1 millis=13096

EVENT: Power-Released millis=13096

EVENT: Power-Pressed#1 millis=16865

EVENT: Power-Pressed millis=16865

EVENT: Power-Released#1 millis=17074

EVENT: Power-Released millis=17074

EVENT: Power-Shortclick#1 millis=17074

EVENT: Power-Shortclick millis=17074

Playing vmend.wav, channels: 2 rate: 44100 bits: 32

Unsupported sample size.

Unmounting SD Card.

Amplifier off."

You have a vmbegin.wav in this font that is 32-bit, which is not supported by ProffieOS.

Thanks for the reply.

Do you mean within the font folder itself or the “common” folder?

I switched to the next font and did the same function and received this (reporting as 16 bits)

“Playing vmbegin.wav, channels: 1 rate: 44100 bits: 16
EVENT: Power-Released#1 millis=31197
EVENT: Power-Released millis=31197
Unmounting SD Card.
Amplifier off.
EVENT: Power-Pressed#1 millis=37220
EVENT: Power-Pressed millis=37220
EVENT: Power-Released#1 millis=37441
EVENT: Power-Released millis=37441
EVENT: Power-Shortclick#1 millis=37441
EVENT: Power-Shortclick millis=37441
Playing vmend.wav, channels: 1 rate: 44100 bits: 16
Unmounting SD Card.”

In the font folder.
If it was in “common” then it would affect all presets.

Yup. Just found the files.

Thank you guys! :heart: