Volume control for proffie os 7

Hi, experts, I needed some help, I recently bought a proffie saber, and after reading docs and watching yt, I was able to flash my board, everything seems correct, but then I noticed I do not have access to the voulme menu, this is a 2 button setup.
But I am not sure what is needed in the config, I don’t think I would need
ENABLE_ALL_EDIT_OPTIONS and FETT263_EDIT_MODE_MENU, but even with those defined, I still don’t have access to the volume menu by hold PWR and click AUX.
please help if anyone can shed some light
Here is my config:

#include "proffieboard_config.h"
#define NUM_BLADES 1
#define NUM_BUTTONS 2
const unsigned int maxLedsPerStrip = 144;
#define VOLUME 1200
#define BOOT_VOLUME 50
#define ENABLE_WS2811
#define ENABLE_SD
#define MOTION_TIMEOUT 60 * 3 * 1000  
#define IDLE_OFF_TIME 60 * 5 * 1000
// #define ENABLE_SERIAL
// Max 20 characters
// #define BLE_PASSWORD "your password"
// Max 32 characters.
// #define BLE_NAME "Your Saber Name"
// Max 9 characters
// #define BLE_SHORTNAME "Saber"

#define FETT263_SWING_ON_SPEED 500
#define FETT263_SWING_ON_NO_BM
#define FETT263_SWING_ON
#define FETT263_SWING_OFF

#define FETT263_TWIST_ON_NO_BM 
#define FETT263_TWIST_ON 
#define FETT263_TWIST_OFF    
#define FETT263_STAB_ON_NO_BM                                              
#define FETT263_STAB_ON                                



#include "../props/saber_fett263_buttons.h"

i think i figured it out :slight_smile:

2 button actions can be tricky until you get used to it. Hold PWR and click AUX means also "let go of AUX before you let go of PWR.
If it makes sense, think of the order of events happening on buttons 1 and 2 as
where the first two events are presses, and the second two are releases.

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Can you say what you figured out for volume? I flashed the latest OS but can’t access volume control. I’ve tried all the 2 button combinations and nothing. I appreciate the help!

Which prop are you using?

I’m using a V2 board, 2 button, I programmed using the configurator from the website and OS 7.11. I’m building my own saber from scratch.

Everything works but not sure all the button combinations and especially volume. I’m still figuring out Proffie programming but so far it makes sense and is mostly working for me. If I left out any details let me know.

Post your config then (I recommend pastebin.com) so others can read it. The prop file is what determines the controls and features, if you’re not using a prop with volume control then you won’t have that feature.

Here is my config as created by the configurator and using the classic sound fonts from the website. I started with those to test with. Maybe that’s my problem.

You don’t have a prop so you’re using default controls, there’s no volume menu.

I recommend my prop, just read the Set Up Instructions and Controls.

You can use my config tool, it will make customizing the prop easier.

I started digging in after your questions and found your site. I’m reading over your config page now and videos. I didn’t know I was missing something so thank you for giving me some more information. I go from here and should be good. Thank you!

You’re welcome, just read through everything it should explain it all. If you have questions just post.