Voicepack help, what to do with "common" file contents and if any changes in config file need to be made

I downloaded the Voicepack for the Edit Mode, added the define for say_battery_list and say_color_list but not sure where to put the “common” folder. Or if i’m supposed to take the contents and put them somewhere specific. Then of course what I have to put into the config file and where, aside from the #define.

This page explains set up

Thank you sir

Wait, I still don’t understand this part. Do i need to insert this into my config with every preset font?

{ “font;common”, "font/tracks/track.wav,

Yes, each preset should have “;common” folder

Is this good? I have the whole “common” folder in the SD root AND in each font folder (figured it wouldn’t hurt). Each preset has a “track” folder as well but not sure if that matters.

Please review:

{ “LukeESBV2;common”, “LukeESBV2/tracks/bespin.wav”,
StylePtr<Layers<AudioFlicker<RotateColorsX<Variation,Blue>,RotateColorsX<Variation,Rgb<0,0,128>>>,AlphaL<LemonChiffon,Scale<IsLessThan<SwingSpeed<600>,Int<13600>>,Scale<SwingSpeed<600>,Int<-19300>,Int<32768>>,Int<0>>>,LockupTrL<Layers<AlphaL<AudioFlickerL<Rgb<255,240,80>>,Bump<Scale<BladeAngle<>,Scale<BladeAngle<0,16000>,Int<4000>,Int<26000>>,Int<6000>>,Scale<SwingSpeed<100>,Int<14000>,Int<18000>>>>,AlphaL<LemonChiffon,Bump<Scale<BladeAngle<>,Scale<BladeAngle<0,16000>,Int<4000>,Int<26000>>,Int<6000>>,Int<10000>>>>,TrConcat<TrInstant,TransitionEffect<Rgb<255,180,50>,LemonChiffon,TrInstant,TrFade<200>,EFFECT_LOCKUP_BEGIN>,TrFade<400>>,TrConcat<TrInstant,TransitionEffect<LemonChiffon,Rgb<255,180,50>,TrInstant,TrFade<200>,EFFECT_LOCKUP_BEGIN>,TrFade<400>>,SaberBase::LOCKUP_NORMAL>,ResponsiveLightningBlockL<Strobe<White,AudioFlicker<White,Blue>,50,1>,TrConcat<TrInstant,AlphaL<White,Bump<Int<12000>,Int<18000>>>,TrFade<200>>,TrConcat<TrInstant,HumpFlickerL<AlphaL<White,Int<16000>>,30>,TrSmoothFade<600>>>,ResponsiveStabL<Red,TrWipeIn<600>,TrWipe<600>>,ResponsiveBlastL<TransitionEffect<Rgb<255,240,80>,LemonChiffon,TrInstant,TrFade<50>,EFFECT_BLAST>,Int<400>,Scale<SwingSpeed<200>,Int<100>,Int<400>>>,ResponsiveClashL<TransitionEffect<Rgb<255,240,80>,LemonChiffon,TrInstant,TrFade<100>,EFFECT_CLASH>,TrInstant,TrFade<400>,Scale<BladeAngle<0,16000>,Int<4000>,Int<26000>>,Int<6000>,Int<20000>>,LockupTrL<AlphaL<BrownNoiseFlickerL<White,Int<300>>,SmoothStep<Int<30000>,Int<5000>>>,TrWipeIn<400>,TrFade<300>,SaberBase::LOCKUP_DRAG>,LockupTrL<AlphaL<Mix<TwistAngle<>,Red,Orange>,SmoothStep<Int<28000>,Int<5000>>>,TrWipeIn<600>,TrFade<300>,SaberBase::LOCKUP_MELT>,InOutTrL<TrWipe<300>,TrWipeIn<500>,Black>>>(), “blue”},

If you put a “common” folder inside each font folder that is not necessary. You only need one common folder in the root directory. If you want a different “voice” for specific font you can put the voice files in the font itself but the files should be in the root of that font, not in a common subfolder as they won’t be recognized.
For the tracks make sure there is a “tracks” folder in the font or in common (or both) not the root directory if you’re wanting to use the Track Player features.

I just want the edit mode and color change menus to have voice along with the functions i already have. i’m already running OS 6.7. I’m just flying deaf without the voice pointing out the function. I really don’t need anything changing or happening while I’m in a font with the saber ignited, if that makes sense.

I deleted the “common” folders out of each font folder. Just left the one in the root SD card. Is my previous preset format good to go? Thanks for all the input man, much appreciated!

The track player feature isn’t necessary for me as of right now. Just the Edit voices.

Everything worked! Thank you Fett!

Glad to hear, you’re welcome