"Vintage" Graflex install modification help

I’m putting a KR sabers blade holder in this Roman Props Graflex.

Should my goal be to cut this long switch arm as flush as possible with the body? Or do I want to leave as much of the switch arm remaining as possible?

Well, you want it as close to the bladeholder’s wall possible without touching it. In my TGS graflex, the problem is that the switch has no return force. So, if I were you, would cut it, but also add a perpendicular stick, and add two tiny springs on the side of the bladeholder’s goove, right on both sides of the switch. That way you will have enough return force.

I appreciate the suggestions/insights. I’m actually going with a one button set up, so I won’t be using the slider switch. However it may be wise to cut it down as little as possible in case I ever wanted to do a two button setup with it. What did you use to cut it with btw? It’s a tight fit for any saw. I was thinking a file maybe?

You can dismantle the switch setup and cut to length out of the tube. leave maybe 3mm of stem and test it.

I honestly gave up using this switch as an AUX as it’s so flaky. I just use one button setup.

As astromech said, easiest way is to disassemble, cut it, file it and re-assemble. The Graflex Shop one has a small saeger that you can take out with some pliers through the neck while watching through the pin holes. I can’t discern here how it is attached.