Vibrating motors

hello, quick question. i plan on adding 4 small dime sized vibrating motors to my saber. they will all be tied together on a led pad for config control, so i needed to know if i need to put a resistor on them and if so does it go on the positive or negative.

Depends on what their voltage requirement is.
Be warned, vibrations (even from the speaker) will set off the clash detection on the board, so you will likely need to increase your CLASH_THRESHOLD_G a good amount.

they are 2 - 3.6 vlts and 60mA max.

I don’t think you need a resistor, and it wouldn’t matter which leg of the power gets it.

You can probably get by without a resistor, but since batteries can provide up to 4.2 volts, it may be safer to have one.

For a single motor, the resistor would be something like:

\frac{4.2 - 3.6 Volts}{0.06 Amperers} = 10 \Omega

If you hook up all four motors in parallel, it would be:

\frac{4.2 - 3.6 Volts}{0.06 * 4 Amperers} = 2.5 \Omega

Don’t hook up those motors to the 3.3v pad.

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thank you so much! everything is working smooth as butter. you’re an amazing man!!!