Very low volume on first Proffie install

Hi everyone! Brand new member with a bit of a headache. I’ve been doing builds with Plecter boards since 2015, but this is my first ever Proffieboard install. I was really nervous about having to program the board, but everything actually went much more smoothly than anticipated, however -

I installed the latest version of ProffieOS from and everything is working except that the sound is barely perceptible (if I put my ear right up to the speaker, I can barely hear it).

Nothing looks odd in the serial monitor. All the font sounds are activating properly. There are no error messages popping up during swings, clashes, etc. The neopixels are activating properly.

When I do a get_volume, it reports the volume is at 1000. I tried bumping it up to 1500 in the config file just to see if that would make any difference and it didn’t.

I also verified that I have 5v between GND and 5V and then I tried using another speaker. No change.

As a last resort, I grabbed a build of ProffieOS from github and installed that. No difference. Everything works except the volume.

I’ve run out of ideas. Anything else I should check?

The only thing I can think of is maybe a short in the wiring between the speaker pads. I once had one where a tiny strand of wire was bridging the two pads on the board. It was only when I took a photo to post here that I was able to see it - almost invisible to the naked eye (well, my ageing eyes at least). But it was enough to mess up the sound.

I don’t know what else to suggest I’m afraid.

A short of some kind does seem like a possibility.
Another possibility would be a broken amplifier.
Can you tell if it’s actually playing the right thing?

You guys are awesome! I checked the speaker wiring and found that it was pinched between the positive battery pad in the chassis and it caused a bridge there. I ran new wire and the speaker is working now. Thank you for you help!

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Glad you got it sorted! :smiley:
And congrats on your first successful Proffie install. :+1: :slight_smile: