Variance in Proffieboard V2.2 internal flash memory capacity?

I noticed in posts from some other users that the total available internal flash memory listed at the end of a successful upload tends to vary. What is the cause of this?

I recently sent a copy of the default/stock TXQ saber config to a Reddit user that compiles using 95% of my total internal storage, but is giving a flash overflow of just over 2000 bytes for him.

They might be using an older version of the arduino-proffieboard plugin.
At some point I made some modifications that made more memory available.

Also, Arduino menu Tools>USB Type has a strong influence on how much additional memory is used depending on if you have WebUSB and/or Mass Storage options turned on.
Serial only uses substantially less than having one or both of the others turned on.
I’d bet your friend has different settings there when compiling than you did.

Thanks guys. I’ll pass this info along. I appreciate it.