Vanta Black (Black 2,3) - painting a saber to be invisible

I was reading through the thread on paint adhesion and accents (good advice!) and was wondering if anyone had any experience using Black 2.0.

This is for a dual quad blade flow saber made from 1" PVC at the grip. The user wants the grip section to be “invisible” so I looked into Vanta black’s cousins (who knew a paint color could cause so much drama). I understand these non-reflective super matte blacks are fragile and can’t be top coated.

Has anyone tried any techniques for reducing the visibility of a grip section?

Interesting idea.
I have seen the black 2.0 and it baffled my brian.
It was very good but yes it is rather fragile so not sure if it will be usable.

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Yes Hexek Sabers on YouTube painted his saber with Black 3.0

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Chill dude with a great attitude. Thanks for pointing this out!

Hexek are you on here? How did the paint hold up?

Did you prime with 2.0 or use an undercoat?

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wow, that looks awesome!
kinda makes me want to get some and play around with it.

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do it man.