Using multi-phase to switch to rain blade

I had a thought that it’d be cool to have the blade switch to the rain/sparkle blade if it was raining, but keep all the other settings identical. Is this possible using the blade builder style?

Not in the builder currently but you could add easily enough in a layer that you toggle with an effect, like force.


I’m working with Fredrik on something new for OS7 that will make things like this even better but its not ready yet :wink:

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You could also just set up a preset for rain with the sound and then use FETT263_MULTI_PHASE in my prop to switch to it. Just refer to the defines and controls in my prop or here

Ah. But doesn’t the force effects way limit the time the blade is switched? Or does it just replace the force effect with blade style switch?

Ah, found your OS4 video on it. I was kind of hoping for something seamless where the blade stays on, but you activate the sparkle for rain effect, then turn it off manually.

No, EffectSequence<> will toggle each time you do whatever effect is set, it’s not timed. So in the above style the first time you do the force it will activate the rain, then you do it again and it will turn it off and so on.

I’ve been meaning to add a “Force Toggle” to the Rain option in the library but just haven’t gotten around to it. But above layer will do exactly what you’re wanting. If you don’t want EFFECT_FORCE, you could use EFFECT_CHANGE to do with one of the ColorChange styles in the Builder or any EFFECT you want.

Thanks. The effect layer works, but stays on after the blade retracts. Is that due to where the layer appears in the style?

Yes, if you added it after InOutTrL then it will appear while off, it should be under (before) InOutTrL.

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For now couldn’t you could just lengthen the timing on the Force Effect? Then it’s simply either gonna run itself down via the timer or you switch to the next preset and back and doing that overrides the effect timing. Non-Permanent Permanent…

Yeah, Fernando’s suggestion worked a treat! Thanks though…

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