Using a proffie to drive a stepper motor for star tracking?

Creating a project for myself based on a Adafruit tutorial where you can build your own star tracking telescope mount. However their main board for driving the stepper motor and whatnot is currently out of stock and it made me wonder if a proffieboard could easily be made to do the same things the adafruit board was meant to do? The stepper motor is 12v 350 mA

A proper stepper motor driver has a PWM-driven H-bridge in it.
While H-bridges are just a bunch of FETs, they need to be arranged differently than the FETs on the proffieboard.

A stepper motor driver could be connected to a proffieboard, but most stepper drivers want a quadrature input, and I’m not sure how easy that is to do on a proffieboard. The timers exists, but the outputs might be used by FETs or other functions already…

If your stepper driver talks i2c or serial, then connecting it to a proffieboard is trivial, but so is connecting it to anything else, and that other thing is probably cheaper.

My recommendation would probably be to use an ESP32 or Teensy 4.x with an external stepper driver. There are also a variety of linux-powered options, like the Adafruit Stepper/Motor Hat for raspberry pi.

I’ll look into those other options, thanks Prof!