Using a haptic motor on a ProffieBoard

I’m trying to connect a haptic motor to a proffieboard. This particular motor runs at ~160 mAmps, so it needs to be connected via a DRV2605 board.

I can connect the DRV2605 to the SDA and SCL pins on the ProffieBoard.

My question is: how can I change the config so that I can set a blade style that will activate this motor? I would am familiar with how to get the motor to pulse in a certain pattern using standard Arduino code, but can’t figure out how to get it to vibrate in a particular pattern using the Proffieboard Config.

Thanks for any tips that point me in the right direction!

That’s not really true. A proffieboard can run motors up to a few amps directly from one of the LED pads.

Blade styles are real-time things, so if you want to use a blade style, you probably want to hook up a PWM-capable pin to the driver board, set the board to real-time mode and then have the style drive the pin. However, if you do that, then why not just hook up the motor to one of the LED pads instead?

If you want to use I2C command for everything, then it’s probably easier to not use styles. Instead you would write a driver for this board in C++, and it would
translate incoming calls (See common/saber_base.h) into I2C commands, possibly using the rom on the driver board to store the actual waveforms.

It would also be possible to write a “blade” driver which takes a style as input and then sends I2C commands to update the motor speed in real-time, but that is probably the option that requires the most work.