USB C Charging Port

I am trying to set up another saber build (AXE), and was trying to figure out a charging/data transfer issue. I have very limited space due to the shape of the haft, but might be able to squeeze everything in where I am putting the sound board.

The questions I have:

  • Is the PCB board needed for charging, since the battery (button type) already has one (or am I mistaken on that)?

  • Does anyone know the dimensions to the one listed on Saber Armory’s Website, so I can go ahead and implement it into the print?


The PCB (or something like it) is required for charging.
Neither the battery, nor the proffieboard has a charger on it.

One of the smallest options would be to just wire in a small JST connector for the battery, and when you need to charge, you plug in the charger there. You would just need a small external adapter from a barrel plug to a jst connector.

I contemplated JST connection, but I don’t have any room around where the battery would sit. If I do go with the charging unit above, I will likely put the charging port in the top of the haft, as the speaker is in the bottom of the haft.

Color code
Red is the battery, and wires for speaker/batt negative, green is the board location, white speaker, and blue trigger.