Updated default sound font package

I’ve updated the older sound fonts with various changes including adding missing sounds, cleaning up some dead space, EQing, enhancing sonic elements, etc… as well as added some new contributions from font makers in the community.

So do you think the revamped versions should all be surnamed V2 or something like that? Not sure what you mean as far as making sure the default_proffieboard_config includes old and new.


I think we’re going to make two new zip files, one which contains all the same fonts, but has been updated and tweaked to sound and work better. The other one will contain some new fonts, and get rid of some of the older fonts that aren’t quite as good.

The idea would be to make the “default_proffieboard_config.h” file work with both of these zip files.

Since “teensysf” will be present on both, we won’t have to change those presets, but, but the “smthjedi” font probably won’t be, so maybe we’ll change that preset to “lstatic;smthjedi” or “coda;smthjedi”.

Doing it this way means that regardless which zip file they download, it will still work.


Although, right now, doing this would create a “font directory not found” error.
We might need to make that error smarter…

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I was just going to say that.

It would make sense to do the “font directory not found” only if we didn’t find whatever effects we need to find. However, knowing exactly which effects are required is not easy…

Before dedicating a bunch of energy on revamping how font search path works, is there a reason that the “old” ones need to be included if the new ones are identically named?
I think I’m missing a piece of the backward-compatibility puzzle.

If there’s just one, current sound package downloadable, and it contains a cumulative collection, then old and new ProffieOS versions would both work since nothing would ever be missing.
I guess what I’m missing is why the 2 different zips idea.

I was thinking that the current font package is already fairly big, so I was thinking that it would make sense to remove something from it…

Just adding to the default download would certainly be simpler in some ways.

Size matters not?
I mean maybe it does, not trying to hog space on your server of course.
But, if it means anything, the other soundboard default package downloads are 411.7MB, 546.7MB, 1.36GB …
The current Proffie sounds package weighs in at 207.3MB

It doesn’t matter too much to me, but I worry a bit about people stuck with slow internet connections. Or people who have to pay per Gb of download.

Maybe I’m spoiled with 200+ mbps down. I wouldn’t blink at that. Is there that much bottlenecking out there for a one time download?

I don’t really know, internet speeds vary a fair amount around the globe.

What about dividing the the sound fonts up like the voice packs are that way all are avaliable, but they are smaller to down load that way.

Or if the default_proffieboard_config is the concern, maybe we just have one for OS7 and above?
We could also add a link to the download as a comment, and each file could point to the appropriate package?
default_proffieboard_config.h → to the archive version
default_proffieboard_configOS7.h → links to the new package

Preset presets[] = {

// Download these sound fonts here:
// http://fredrik.hubbe.net/lightsaber/ProffieOS_SD_Card.zip 207.3MB
  { "TeensySF", "tracks/venus.wav",
    StyleNormalPtr<CYAN, WHITE, 300, 800>(),
    StyleNormalPtr<CYAN, WHITE, 300, 800>(), "cyan"},
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If I may chime in to back this up from a different angle, why not just make a rollout change starting with OS7 being the revamped/new sounds? If someone really wants the classic sounds let them go download those, so long as they are also compatible. Yes it’s nice to have “the classics” available but just roll out the stuff @nosloppy worked hard on along w the new stuff and leave the classic stuff separate. If someone wants it bad enough they can go get it via a separate download.

Because synchronized rollouts are a pain in the butt.
If there is a problem with one, or the other, then the whole thing is halted, and the more things you bundle together, the more likely it is to have a problem.

Also, people will get it wrong.
A lot.
Which means more work for me.

Ahhh, true there. I honestly had not considered that factor.

It’s probably easiest to just keep all the fonts in one zip.
Before I do that, I’m adding something to time how long it takes people to download the existing file from my server, hopefully it will tell me that it doesn’t take that long, and it’s fine to make it bigger. :slight_smile:

should we all download to get you some data?

Maybe, but you (and most of the other people who frequent this forum) probably have enough bandwidth either way. What I’m curious is how many that don’t.

Also, since my server is in North America, people in North America will almost certainly have faster download speeds than people on other continents.

I can reach out to some who helped my with Voicepack languages.
Should they just download several times in a row or something to get an average?
Assuming you’ll see based on IP address.
Is monitoring in place and ready to start the process now?