Up Fast / Down Fast Ignition/Retraction

Hello - I am going through the Fett 263 blade style configurations, and I notice that when I select the Fast Up / Fast Down for Ignition/Retraction respectively, the Fast Up ignition successfully demos on the saber image, but the Fast Down retraction does not.

Is it possible to configure both Fast Up Ignition and Fast Down Retraction? Does it maybe not show on the demo image but will function properly on the actual saber once installed?

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Which library version?

Proffie OS7 Style Library Phase 1 (OS v7.12+) - Using Rotoscope Two Color (Prequels)

Looking more at the code, I think it’s OS7.12v1.017 (if I’m reading this correctly)

Works for me, the “Fast” means half the Ignition Time, so the higher the Ignition Time you set, the more noticeable the difference. If you have a very fast ignition (low MILLIS) then the difference between Up or Down will be much less noticeable.

In OS7 you can also set Special Abilties 5 ~ 8 to be custom ignitions with their own timings or unique ignition effects as well, if you’re wanting more ignition options.

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Got it - Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: was going too high on the ignition time.