Unlimited Possibilities

Look at this…Nice job, Fett!

Combo Builder!

Thanks, yup still need to do a video on that one too but it will let you combine base styles using STYLE_OPTION_ARG. As with all “options” though there is point of diminished returns for optimization. Not every combination yields memory saving, particularly if the are styles are very different so it’s something you’ll want to test. Some combinations may actually save more memory separately than combined.

Great caveat. Just as you categorize other similar styles together, it might be helpful to include “pro-combos” or suggested combos that combine to save memory and provide even deeper customization.

As we move toward a world where we flash the board less often, thinking through the config as a comprehensive “one-time” or seldom upload has become a theme, so this might help bolster that.


Yeah, doubtful there’s way too many possible combinations for anyone to test and/or document. I leave that to the users.
Also, the memory used is a combination of EVERYTHING in your specific config, each individual preset will use up different amounts of memory for every user, it will always be a trial and error. My advice is to select options you plan to use, I’ve seen some users just max out every single option on every preset which of course wastes precious memory. If you find you’re getting tight on space try different combos or simplify options. The most memory is saved if instead of repeating style code with small variations you combine into an option set up as a single preset, but if you build a preset with 10,000 unique combinations it’s going to take up more space than one with 100. Now if you’re going to use the 10,000 combinations it will save space over 10,000 unique presets but if you’re only using 100 of those combinations then you’re wasting memory.
Bottom line, if you’re running out of memory the options are a way to save some memory and fit a little more on the board but as with anything in life, moderation is key.

That makes perfect sense. There will likely be some who create some wicked combos that could become popular fast. Thanks again.