Uncommon OLED sizes?

Looking at the Proffie documentation, it looks like there are two OLED screen sizes that are currently supported - they being 128x32 and 64x32.
Have I understood that right or is there a line somewhere in the OS that can be adjusted for other screen sizes?
I have a module I’m told is 72 x 40, and if I add the bottom config bit for a 64x32, I get the battery level and cropped font names, but none of the bmp files show up, cropped or otherwise.
Just getting my head around what is and isn’t possible.

The current code in ProffieOS can support any width display, but for the height, only 32 and 64 pixels are supported. The SSD1306 always have 128 pixels width, but the display might not show all of those. The code currently assumes that the “shown pixels” are centered within those 128 pixels, so if that isn’t the case, then the code would need some changes.

When it comes to the height, ProffieOS currently assumes that it can use an int32_t or an int64_t to represent all the pixels in one column. Now, it wouldn’t be that hard to create an int40_t class, which would make it understand displays which are 40 pixels high, but it doesn’t exist today.

As for BMP files, are they 64x32? ProffieOS currently assumes the pictures are the same size as the display.

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Thanks for clarifying Prof. I’ve been experimenting this afternoon and have managed to get everything working that I need. The only real compromise I had to make is there’s only room for four characters in the font idents. But I’ll just stick to four characters in the config at the bottom of each preset so all good.

Thanks again.