Ultraproffie osx on a Proffie 3.9 board?

I’ve tried to search for an answer on this but I’m so new I don’t really know what to search for.

Basically I’m replacing my Ultrasabers, Ultraproffie board with a new Proffie v3.9 board.
I would like to keep the same functionality, gestures, sounds, styles etc as what came with the saber.
The only change I’m making is installing a new noepixel momentary switch instead of the rgb switch.
I am able to figure out the wiring. At least I think I do, but the software is another story.
I am familiar with Arduino IDE etc. so that’s not a problem either.

Is it possible to install the Ultraproffie osx onto the new board and just copy the SD card contents over? I’m assuming I will need to tweek a setting for the pixel switch somewhere.
Or, will I have to recreate/modify everything to make it work like the original saber?

Any help is very appreciated!

You’ll probably have to reach out to them, and maybe read up a bit. Nobody here really has anything to do with it.

If you want to use the real ProffieOS, there’s plenty of help for that here and you’ll be able to do exponentially more :wink:


Yeah. I’ve looked into “UltraProffie” and it’s very outdated version of Proffie, with limited interaction / customizability compared to normal Proffie.

You’d be better off honestly, just using ProffieOS v7.14 (or current)

There isn’t anything UltraProffie has that normal ProffieOS does not have.


^THAT. Thanks @BlackDragonN001

@Rendermandan what specific functionality, etc do you wish to keep? Unless it’s a factory sound that’s specific to their OS it’s all just .wav files you can pull and backup to put into standard OS. *Assuming you have a copy of their OS and their font .wav sounds backed up already.

If it’s action or feature specific you can mirror it with a little work.

Some more specific OS sounds are code and there’s people here who can help ya figure that out.

Any bladestyles should (hopefully) transfer. If not honestly you can just get updated bladestyles that are better overall.

Things like specific gesture settings etc are already in the standard OS and if there’s something truly unique it can be programmed into the gesture settings.

JustSaying. I’ve done similar since I prefer @Fett263’s prop for what I do.
There’s also @NoSloppy’s prop, @SA22C’s and a few others, all of which are greater in functionality and support than anything US has done.

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Just here to echo the sentiment… absolutely no point trying to get ProffieOSx onto a real proffieboard, there’s without a doubt a way to setup the real ProffieOS to function as ultraproffie does and/or better.

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Thanks guys. The more I’m researching and learning, I’m seeing how limited the stock board is. So yeah, I will take your advice and just use profile os.
Infact I was able to get it programmed last night with a single font I copied from the original ssd card. I used this excellent tutorial here. https://youtu.be/_TDwoGIf9HM?si=IsZm-oVcsWo5vXH5

And today I got it installed into my 3d printed chassis and wired up. The last thing I’m waiting for is the neopixel switch that should come later today.

As for which features I’d like to keep, I really like the twist motions with the clicking sound and fast scrolling through the presets. I’m not sure how to activate those functions, I’ll need to do some more reading. For instance, how do I access the menu to adjust the volume, sensitivity, color, preset and brightness?

Or is that all stuff I need to enable/program

I recommend this tool, it will walk you through all of the available features and make it easy to customize your controls. In addition, it will produce a custom Button/Control List based on the features you enable. Just watch the videos at the top and read the instructions and options as you go.

These pages will also come in handy


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Fett263, thank you. your work is absolutely stunning! That is the config tool I used last night. And it went exactly as in the tutorial. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Now that I have a working saber, I’ll spend some time with all the configurations and styles.

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You’re welcome, good to hear. We’re here if you have questions.

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