ULTRA SABER'S ultraproffie lite to proffieboard

HI i am looking for help to create a thundercats lightsaber using the hilt and emitter from ultrasabers website with the functionality displayed in one of fett263’s videos where he used a proffieboard interactive effect where the blade extends on swing that i do not believe is available on the somewhat limited ultraproffie lite, i am looking for resources that will either help me swap the board out with a proffieboard while using the string neopixil blade currently on their website to acheive the effect in fett263’s video on the thundercats designed lightsaber that ultrasabers sells https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysKGNCBDOjo . looking through reddit and the style creator tool ultrasabers provides i do not see the interactive effect and many state that this board is outdated in terms of its customization, so long story short my idea is to swap the board which i dont know if the string neopixil blade will work and or the steps to install the proffieboard that has the interactive effect option available to achieve the style fett 263 has created in his video on this specific saber that i can only find on ultrasabers website, any help or resources would be amazing, thank you

If I wanted to keep everything in place and just swap the board, the first thing I look for is a map/diagram of where all of the wires are going. Probably would have to piece it together with observation and available online info. Then desolder the board with the wires labeled, which is pretty easy since the old board can be set aside. Now you’ve got a hilt and space for the new board. A Proffie 2.2 would be fine since your set up is so specific.

From there using Fett’s toolkit and website will give you all you need to set up your blade and effects.

This is a bit oversimplified though. You kinda have to know what you are working with, what all of the parts are, before doing a good setup. Otherwise you might get stuck.

Not a lot of the very generous folks here are crazy about UltraProffie, so I think it would help to feed us info rather than expect anyone to research that board. Any real proffie questions are no problem :slight_smile:

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