Typical uses for 5V pad

I have a TXQ Boone Kestis with a factory install. I had to rewire it a little bit to fix a couple broken connections, and I noticed that it has a lead going from the 5V pad up to the connector for the removable chassis. This is the first time I’ve seen that pad used. Any idea what it could be for? There isn’t anything special up there as far as I know, just two buttons and a lit pixel PCB.

AFAIK, there is no typical use of the 5v pad.
I’ve seen people thinking it would be good for driving neopixels, but that’s generally speaking not super helpful, as it’s almost always better to drive neopixels directly from batt+.

Interesting. I’ll have to see where the wire goes if/when I end up fully disassembling this thing. Has far as I can tell there are leads going from both Batt+ and the 5V pad up to the buttons and pixel PCB, so I would think the Batt+ would be driving the blade.

only time ive seen it used was on the CCsabers Grandmaster yoda hilt i got pre-installed from them. the two switch pcbs have green leds on them that came wired to the 5v pad on the board so they come on when doing anything. tempted to rewire them but its a pretty tight chassis

Prof, out of interest, am I right in saying the 5 volt pad is only active when the sound is running?

I can answer that.

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That is basically right.
Although it also activates when we power up the FETs to make sure that we have sufficient voltage.

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So that must mean if we have an accent pixel set to run with the main blade off, that the FETs will be active making the 5 volt pad also active. Meaning in turn that the 5 volt pad will stay active until the idle timout kicks in.
Good to know :slight_smile: