Twist off and Special Abilities

I get a lot of accidental twist offs as i learn to use special abilities. There’s a beat in your gestures you need to add to avoid it.

Is there away to disable twist off for some amount of MS after a special ability 1-4 input?

Twist Off is a double move, back and forth in quick succession. All Special Abilities are single direction, quarter turn while holding a button down. They shouldn’t cross over easily if done correctly.

To do special abilities, hold button down and do single a quarter turn in the direction listed in controls (right or left).

Yeah, they’re definitely different gestures and I can do them.

I’d just like a little delay so it makes it easier. Might have to pick one for some users because the timing is tight. Maybe OS8 :slight_smile:

I get what you mean, I’ve done that twice recently and laughed. It just takes a bit of time getting used to remembering to stop at the quarter turn and release that button. You’ll catch on as you use it more and more.

Yeah, it definitely works and I’m not getting false gestures. The thought that bothers me is that every year I bring a lightsaber to work and let every kid I see that’s old enough that day try it. There’s so many of them (prob 100 users that day) and there’s no time to get used to it.

Swing on and twist off is a mind blowing ‘please take a video an email it to my parents moment’. I think special abilities are going to raise my ‘how much to make me one of these’ quotient significantly.

The problem is returning to a neutral position after a press-and-turn counts as a twist. Evey kid is gonna do that, so they’ll be frustration and longer on boarding to get the two things differentiated.

With 25 kids in some classes (that’s about 90 seconds per kid) it’s going down to be a lot of stress to learn. The stress point for me isn’t that I want them to get it right, I just want to offer the best user experience possible. We are trying to create fans by letting them feel like Jedi, and Jedi are always competent :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

Also the cost of one of my scrap built sabers is parts, 3 months of not asking me if I’m done, and a willingness to be lifelong friends. I say no almost every time.

FWIW, I’ll most likely have Special Ability retractions completed well before any changes are made to the prop. Then you would just deactivate twist off and set a Special Ability to retract.

I used to have a delay but multiple users complained about not being able to rapidly ignite and retract using gestures so it was removed so if I put it back it would be optional, but its going be a while before I start thinking about OS8 updates, I have a ton of OS7 stuff to work on for the library.

That’s worth a lot! I’ll ask again about gesture delay options when the call goes out for features in the future.

Meanwhile, I look forward to further exploration of special ability options.

I kinda like how we can rapidly reignite things now. Mostly because I’m of the idea “…the best thing about a saber is you can always turn it off.”

That whole trick when in say a fight scene where you can simply turn it off and not do a block or hold and then reignite and lay the defensive or closing strike. It’s a bit “anime” in use but still is a pretty cool move to see done.

That I totally get also. Grade-school or higher up as far as the students? I try to avoid passing my hilt(s) around lately. I’ve seen it twice where a newbie has broken a saber either buy dropping it or being rough with an aux button or strike.

Solid topic. :smiley:

I’m about to hit my 18th year teaching elementary school kids. ‘Gym teacher’, but I do a lot more.

Sometimes I teach adults, but that’s martial arts stuff if you’re into that.

Nice hilts are not for playing, so I make mine out of hardware store and found parts. When buildings get demolished I check the sites for washers and other doodadz.

So my Graflex stays on the shelf and the scrap build comes to work.

Some kids I do most of the handling, some I teach how use certain controls, and some I teach how to spin or do swings. I use sabers to get to j ow them or to reach some of them.

The ‘Mr. B. you watch Star Wars and anime?!?’ moments are some of my favorite.