Trying to Program Dual Phase on OS7

So I’ve had this idea I’ve been wanting to try forever. My main profile setting on my custom saber is green. I want to do a Dual Phase profile where I can easily switch from green to a soft, minty green, something faded, more pastel, but at the same time I want to switch sound fonts to a quieter, softer one. The idea is switching between a normal cutting blade and a training setting for non-lethal use.

With some help I was able to make a config that lets me change colors when using the Force effect, but not sound fonts. I think I was able to make a config that has the right settings. It passes the sketch compiling stage in Arduino, but I seem to be missing something.

I also went ahead and made alt directories (alt000 and alt001) with different soundfonts, made sure all the .wav files had the same names between them both, and that there were the same amount of .wav files in both directories. In other words, they pretty much mirrored each other. For some reason this disabled ALL sound effects on ALL my profiles. I’ve since reverted to the last working iteration of my settings.

Enclosed is the experimental config. I think I’m missing certain defines, but when I went to check on ProffieOS Documentation: Alt Sounds ( I couldn’t figure out which defines to add or how to use them properly. Can anybody help?
tbxconfig.h (26.3 KB)

I’m not sure if this is the right way to do the alt switching, so I’ll let @fett263 comment on that part.

This sounds weird. Adding alt directories to one font shouldn’t affect any other fonts. Where did you add the alt directories, what files did you put in them, and what did did the serial monitor say when this was happening?

Also, please removeDISABLE_DIAGNOSTIC_COMMANDS from your config file for now so that we can use the effects command to figure out what is going on.

As for the alt directories, I started with my font directory, entitled “Torchbearer,” created two new folders in it entitled “alt000” and “alt001,” then copied the two fonts I wanted to use into their respective folders. I made the “main” font “alt000” and the “training blade” font “alt001.” At first it seemed to work… sort of. I could use the main font just fine (though my ignition was slightly delayed at the end for some strange reason), but I could no longer switch to the training blade color and obviously couldn’t switch sound fonts.

I’ll remove DISABLE_DIAGNOSTIC_COMMANDS, but as for the serial monitor, is that the progress readout in Arduino? My skills with Proffie are still developing so forgive me if I call something by the wrong name. I’ll do my best to clarify.

I see. Alright. I’ve removed DISABLE_DIAGNOSTIC_COMMANDS, I’m replacing the “Torchbearer” directory with a version that has the “alt000” and “alt001” folders in it, and I’ll run the serial monitor as well.

Here are the serial monitor results:


Scanning sound font: common done

Activating polyphonic font.

Activating SmoothSwing V2

Accent Swings Enabled.

Polyphonic swings: 16

Monophonic swings: 0

Accent Slashes NOT Detected:

unit = 0 vol = 0.50, Playing Torchbearer/boot/boot.wav

chaWelcome to ProffieOS v7.14

For available serial commands, see:

Current status:

-“Torchbearer” font directory contains two folders: “alt000” and “alt001.”
-Result: Font directory error for “Torchbearer” setting.
-Unable to switch from green to light green coloring.

If you’re using my Library, Multi-Phase (Force Effect) only changes the color, it doesn’t support Alt Font. If you want to use Alt Font you need to select Multi-Phase or Kyber Select (Special Abilities) options. Those will include the code and instructions for using Alt Font with Multi-Phase.

The videos at the top of the library explain everything :wink:

I’m using the Public Access OS7 library. I have to be honest, I’m confused as to which video I should be watching, or which defines I should be using. I’ll include a copy of my current config here. Hopefully that’ll help explain what I’m missing.
tbxconfig.h (26.3 KB)

I mean, they all say “Recommended” :wink:

So I can’t help with your config because you cut out the Style Information, which is also why you don’t know what to do if I’m being honest. The library outputs a TON of important information in the top comment/copyright section that is needed to set up, use and troubleshoot the style code. This is particularly important with the new features that require additional sounds or set up int he font. This section has zero impact on memory used as it is ignored by the compiler, but it is very important for you to be able to properly use the styles AND it is equally important for me to be able to help at all.

I would recommend watching the videos at the top of the library, building the styles and pasting the COMPLETE code the library provides into your config. Then read the Style Information section as it will tell you how to set up the new features as well as how to use them.

For further help and improvements you may want to look into my Config Helper tool (watch the videos at the top as well). It is designed to support my prop and the new features in the library and make it much easier to set things up properly. In addition, it will allow you to generate a custom Button/Control List based on the selections you’ve made which will help you understand how to use the controls.

Again, forgive me but these terms are all new to me. Well, some of them at least. I have no idea what “style information” is, where it can be found or how I even cut it out. I assure you, that wasn’t intentional.

There is a copyright and style information section generated at the top of each style the library generates. When you paste the style code from your clipboard it is automatically included.

I’d start by watching the videos, it’s covered and explained there. Then regenerate styles with the information section and it will tell you how to set up and use.

If you have questions after all that, feel free to post the full style code here and I can explain but without the style copyright and information section in those current styles there’s not much I can do.

I think I understand now. Here’s an updated version of my config, after a little more help from a friend. We also made sure both “alt000” and “alt001” had all the same matching file names and amounts (one of them had “hum.wav” while the other had "hum01.wav). We also moved config.ini and smoothsw.ini into the root folder, and added altchng.wav sounds to each alt folder. The saber works, but my attempts to trigger Special Ability 1 do nothing.
tbxconfig.h (27.7 KB)

You need the style information section…

This is entirely optional, just so you know…

After asking about this in a Discord server, a kind soul was able to give me some help in figuring out just what was going wrong. At first it seemed like everything was correct. In the end some tweaks had to be made that the suggestions in this thread never even mentioned. Either way, not only do I have a blade profile and font set that works but I was able to successfully reverse-engineer it to produce two other profiles/ font sets. So problem solved.

There’s just one small problem I have now. While the multi-phase function definitely works, I have it set to trigger on Special Ability 1. According to the prop I’m using (if I understand correctly), that means holding power and giving the hilt a twist. It works about a third of the time. I’m not sure if I’m doing the gesture wrong but more often than not I either trigger a Force effect or a clash. So two questions: 1 - am I performing the gesture correctly? And 2: If not, is there some way to change how I trigger Special Ability 1, such as a double click or a click and hold? Doesn’t seem like those do anything at the moment.

You’re probably doing the gesture wrong, each Special Ability has a specific button to hold and direction to turn, it is not just hold and twist.
As noted earlier if you have the Style Information I can help troubleshoot the style for you, without it I cannot.

In the meantime, if you read the Controls for the prop it explains the exact control for each Special Ability.

Fair enough. How do I retrieve the style information?

If you deleted the original, then I would generate a new version in the library. The Style Information section includes everything selected, the required set up for sounds or defines to run your selections as well as the options you’ve enabled in the code, seeing as the library has hundreds of thousands of unique combinations I can’t tell you what you chose without it and without knowing what you chose I can’t tell you how it works.