Trying to make a slow pulse from BladeStyleBuilder that works for EditMode

I’m trying to take the old version of the full Pulsing Blade like this…


…and make it what the ForceEffect turns into for this. *Reason, I don’t see this as a bladestyle option on Fett263’s page and my kid wants the full blade slow pulse as her force effect. If anyone can help solve with a quick edit for her and I it’s appreciated. Basically change the scrolling pulse to a slow full blade pulse. **Yes, HotPink, because daughter.


Here’s the quick edit I did with my error being specific to this part. You can see the glitch at it resets. Style Editor


Why not just use Pulsing if that’s the effect you want?

Edit: Correction, should have clarified this is on a dual mode Force Toggle bladestyle pair.

I tried to write it and for some reason was doing it wrong. Thanks for that example!!

Looks like the example won’t work in EditMode as far as changing the swing color (Force Effect). It works for the single example though, only SwingColor won’t.

Here’s where I am currently stuck and what I thought was a solution but isn’t.

//Possible Solution

Sorry I don’t understand.
This layer is setup to use Force as a toggle between 2 colors. There’s nothing about swing in it at all.

Let me try to clarify. If I understood correctly @Fett263 mentioned relating to color change in EditMode that ForceEffect relies on SwingColor as the editable. On the working example under EditMode you can change the color same as the main blade. The goal in all of this is her being able to not just have the HotPink but also be able to have EditMode fully functioning. So while this allows for a Pulsing Blade as what ForceEffect switches it to, she cannot edit the color, say if she wants to goto Yellow or Pink blade with Yellow or Pink as the Force Effect color.

Well then maybe it’s supposed to be BASE_COLOR_ARG instead of ALT_COLOR_ARG

Force/Swing Effects in the Enhancements screen share SWING_COLOR_ARG.
If you built a dual blade in Blade Builder then your colors are BASE_COLOR_ARG and ALT_COLOR_ARG for blade 1 and 2 respectively.
You asked about Force Effects which are different than an Interactive Blade using Force Toggle, hence my original reply. You can always see which argument is used in the style itself when editing layer, just mimic when you modify layers and everything would stay in line.
However, arguments can be used however you want so if you built with SWING_COLOR_ARG Edit Mode would be able to edit just the same.

@NoSloppy and @Fett263 Thanks, I’ll try to take a fresh look at this later this week. I tried 5 different rewrites today and I’m just blind to the solution right now.

It’s likely REALLY simple, I mean I know simply editing a stand alone ForceEffect from the library gives this


It’s that want/need for it to be in a ForceToggle blade that’s the factor.

*Think she’d notice if I just cheated? It’s an easier thing and from there I just need to edit the amount of time the ForceEffect works to be a longer time. She loses the ability to toggle back and forth though.

/* copyright Fett263 FallenOrder (Primary Blade) OS6 Style
OS6.7 v4.018
This Style Contains 20 Unique Combinations
Base Style: Fallen Order Cal Kestis

Base Color: Rgb<255,0,75> (0) 

--Effects Included--
Preon Effect Options: Default (0): Disable, 1: Faulty Ignition (Base Color), 2: Overload (Base Color), 3: Pulsing (Base Color), 4: Pilot Light (Base Color)
Ignition Effect Options: Default (0): Standard Ignition, 1: SparkTip Ignition
Retraction Effect Options: Default (0): Standard Retraction, 1: Dual Mode Wipe In (Down = Fast)
PostOff Effect: Emitter Cool Off (Preon Size)
Lockup Effect: Intensity Lockup V1, Begin Effect: Real Clash, End Effect: Full Blade Absorb
LightningBlock Effect: Responsive Lightning Block
Drag Effect: Intensity Fire Drag
Melt Effect: Intensity Melt
Blast Effect: Blast Wave (Random)
Clash Effect: Real Clash V1
Swing Effect: Force Slow
Battery Monitor: Passive Battery Monitor (Boot & Change Preset)
StylePtr<Layers<StripesX<Int<16000>,Int<-1000>,RgbArg<BASE_COLOR_ARG,DeepPink>,Pulsing<Mix<Int<11565>,Black,RgbArg<BASE_COLOR_ARG,DeepPink>>,RgbArg<BASE_COLOR_ARG,DeepPink>,800>,RgbArg<BASE_COLOR_ARG,DeepPink>>,TransitionEffectL<TrConcat<TrJoin<TrDelay<30000>,TrFade<300>>,Pulsing<RgbArg<SWING_COLOR_ARG,DeepPink>,Mix<Int<16384>,Black,RgbArg<SWING_COLOR_ARG,DeepPink>>,3000>,TrFade<300>>,EFFECT_FORCE>, //...

Generate the style you want with a Static blade in the place you want your Pulsing<> layer, then just swap in the Pulsing<>. Just choose a color for Static that is easy to pick out of the style code. The “Static” blade is just a single color so it’s easy find and replace.

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I have always done this.
Chartreuse is my go-to placeholder color, and 777 my placeholder millis :slight_smile: