Trying to install some soundfonts

Ok, I just got my proffie saber set up, and now I want to add some custom fonts that I bought. How do I go about adding them? Do I just modify the config file? And exactly how do I do that, in Arduino? Specifically, I’m trying to set up the Sun-Skoll font from Kyberphonics. This doesn’t come with a bladestyle as far as I know, so I have to get one from the style library, right? And then do I just cut/paste to replace some of the presets I have in there?

I recommend this page, Step 4, in particular, but be sure you’re familiar with uploading before skipping steps.

The actual sound font will go on your SD, then you’ll set up a preset in your config to use that font with whatever style you want (track as well). Then upload the new config.

If you have Edit Mode or use ProffieOS Workbench you can also change an existing preset to use that font after it’s added to your SD, or you can copy a preset and change the font to add it as a new preset. The only caveat being it can only use styles previously uploaded to the saber. If you want a new style then it will need to be uploaded via a config update.

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