Trying to Enable Battery Percent Voice Prompt

Hey everyone.
I want to be able to know where my battery level is at with a voice prompt. Based on the controls, I know the following is possible:

  • Check Battery Level* = Hold AUX, Click PWR
    *requires EFFECT_BATTERY_LEVEL style and/or FETT263_SAY_BATTERY define

I downloaded and added the “common” folder to my SD card. I added the battery level define to my config. And I also added “common” after the font name in my config (just for my first font).
StarKiller_Renzo_mod1.h (66.8 KB)

But I’m still getting a beep instead of the voice telling me the battery percent. Not sure what I’m missing.

Hoping someone can help. I’ve attached my config. Thank you!


this isn’t a valid define, refer to the prop’s .h file or this page for the available SAY_BATTERY defines depending on what you’re wanting it to say, the note in the prop refers to either of the options but you need one of the actual defines to enable.

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From the prop instructions section, this line should read:
Not sure where your version came from.

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Changing the define made it work. Thank you!