Trying to create my own SoundFont - easy question!

I’ve got a Proffie 2.2 core.

What is the name of the effect that causes the blade to extend s-l-o-w-l-y like it does in seconds 6-8 of this clip? ?

I am trying to cobble together my own SoundFont and want to use that effect.

Most of the extend effects have a parameter that specifies how long it should take. In most modern styles, this parameter is automatically linked to the length of the “out” sound using WavLen<>, so all you would need to do is to provide a longer “out”.

Thank you for the reply. I’m using Fett’s prop… I’m VERY new to all this… So new that I’m not even sure where to look to find this answer… What’s the name of the extend effect on which I will use the WavLen<> parameter?

It’s usually InOutTrL, but it there are other ways to control extension, so it could be something else.

Post the style you’re using and we’ll give you some pointers.

It’s SKOTOS by Greyscale Fonts (Greyscale Fonts). Since it is a paid font, I will wait to hear back from you that it’s okay before I post the style (I don’t want to do anything wrong)…

That being said, I did a quick search for “InOutTrL” and found it in the Skotos style, so that’s a good starting place. I’ll reply here with questions and progresss!

Also, I highly recommend stuffing the style into the style editor, as it lets you fiddle with all the bits inside the style and see what they do. (just paste the style in the text box, press “submit” and then click on stuff on the right side to select sub-sections of the style.)