Trouble with sounds

There are lots of ways.
Audacity is probably the tool you want though.
Make sure to keep a copy of the original.

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Thank you I will try Audacity and let you know after and i have 2 backups

This font.wav is 48000. Where is the font from?

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It was my own that I created but thanks to profezzorn using Audacity made all my own custom sounds work! I just needed to convert it from Stereo to mono, lower the sample rate from 48000hz to 44100hz and export it as a WAV file and it MUST be PCM 16bit because I got an error from serial monitor that PCM 32bit isnt supported and the sound fonts that did work are PC 16bit so i decided to convert that too.
Also a very big thank you @profezzorn for investigating my issue much respect!

So there was also a bug where under some circumstances, if an invalid wav file was encountered, the next sound would also not play, which can be very confusing. I’ve checked in a fix for this on github master.

Yes I remembered encountering that bug when cycling presets the invalid file wouldn’t play and flash once. In my case Preset 3 was a sound file that I recorded that serial monitor considered invalid then preset 4 and 5’s preset font.wav wouldn’t play but Preset 6 would. It was a very strange bug but never happens to me again since now I made the font.wav work. No issues with sound files have occurred to me since changing it using Audacity above.