Tron Disc..of course

I saw a few of these around when the followup movie was in circulation, but man, what a great use for Proffieboard!


This is absolutely amazing!

I so wanna put one together in time for my trip to WDW in December just to have it on my back and do the Lightcycle ride. I need someone to print me some resin…

At my last meal before a return home from WDW. Building at savi’s was great and you can ship sabers or whatever home from any Disney Resort gift shop so you can saber in the park after dark. TRON looks amazing and there were cast members riding previews and loving it.

Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind was spectacular :).

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Disney saw Space Mountain, decided it was old (rightfully so) and then made it their goal to put space mountain on every steroid they had :laughing: