Tri blade color white activates protection even with best keeppower 15 amp battery

Hi there! So I have an issue Im pretty stumped on. I have a tri blade and I thought upgrading my battery to a keeppower continuous 15 amp battery would help my protection circuit on my board from turning itself off. It only happens when I do a color change to the color White. It also happens in Edit menu. I have a crystal and 2 other 10 pixel accents, so I am not sure if that contributes to the issue. Other colors work perfectly even with insane blade styles as long as there not white. I tried 2 other blades that I own which are regular 2 strip blades. They work fine when swinging around my room with the white color. It has turned off in color change mode as well with white but seems to work once I turn it on again cause it saved before protection kicked in on my regular blade. So if I just used my regular blades, I can’t escape the problem of changing to that color if I want to go all Darksaber mode. All my wires seem to be OK. I’m lost here.

What’s your wire gauge for power?

Usually the protection circuit is on the battery. Do you have a backup battery to test out?

Most likely a bad battery, try a different one.

I use 22 AWG for power and lights, everything else is 30 AWG.