Tracks not playing

Hello there,

I have a question i wanted to add some custom tracks to some fonts but they are not playing.

What have you done so far? Did you move the tracks to the SD card, then update your config file?

Yes Sir thats exactly what i did.
i foundd some voice quotes on youtube and used a youtube to .WAM converter just like al the other sounds on the sd card but they dont play
and the custom font quots give some sort of error

What prop are you using?
Where on the SD card did you put the tracks?
What update did you make to your config file?
Does the serial monitor say anything when you try to play these tracks?

Excuse me i don’t understand what do you mean with prop?
I put the file on the same place as every other track in the tracks folder.
In the config i only added a old blade style with new name of font in it.
I also dont understand your last question.

The prop file determines which buttons what does what generally speaking.
If you post your config file, we can take a look.

Serial monitor:

Theory2Button.h (43.9 KB)
here is my config file.

Which OS version are you on?
If you’re using OS6 or later I recommend reviewing the Required Set Up Instructions for my prop as well as the Controls.

What does the Serial Monitor say when you try to play the track?

Connect your saber to your computer, then in Arduino go to Tools > Serial Monitor and do the control to play track and see what prints out, you can paste it here for us to decipher.

Sorry i dont understand what to do

Ok. There are detailed explanations that you can circle back to on Fett263’s most excellent site.

After a glance, I noticed there are spaces in the track names of three of your selections. That may cause an issue. Try removing the spaces in the SD card file names and in the config.

the one that is not working for me is the Kanen.Wav file

what part?

The serial part never used it

Connect your saber with the data cable
Open Arduino
Go to Tools > Serial Monitor
Press the buttons on your saber to play the track

That’s it, the saber will print out information on what it’s doing, you just need to copy that text and paste it here so we can decipher for you.

i need to put the board and then i can not reatch the port

WARNING: This font seems to be missing some files!!

Found swng files: 1-16 in subdirs SOME FILES ARE MISSING! 16 != 13 in Blind_Cowboy







i have no idea with witch command i can try to emable the track
it is in the folder named tracks in the folder Kanen namend Kanen.Wav

You can enter the “play_track” command in the Serial Monitor

You also seem to have an error in your font

yes sirand that fon is made by kyberphonic

it does not find or play the track while its in there