Track won't play

Hi all - first, thank you for the great resources and tips that have made it very straightforward to program my proffie ESB graflex and get some beautiful blades (esp thanks to fett263).

I’ve added a bunch of tracks, but one won’t play. I just hear silence. I’ve verified in Audacity that it’s wav, mono, 44100 Hz, 32-bit float like all the ones that do work. Is there anything else I should be checking? It’s definitely this one track; when I switch it out with another track, that one will play.

The audio file should be 16 bit, not 32

From the POD:

The recommended format is .wav files that are 44khz, 16-bit mono PCM. ProffieOS also supports 11khz, 22khz, and 44khz .wav in both mono and stereo. You may also use .raw and .usl files, but they must be 44khz mono.

To make life easy, you can run folders of audio through the sound conversion part of my site to properly convert mp3s or wavs to the proper format to work on soundboards.:

Thank you both! I’ll convert that track to 16-bit and try again.