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Have an issue where when I enter track mode it’s not starting with “track1” (think it’s starting with track 3 or 4). Is there is a setting for it start on what you labeled as “track1”?

Thank you!

The order is based on the order the tracks are indexed on the SD, not the name of the file.

Hi @Fett263, thanks! How do I index them properly?

Do quotes act different? Because those go in order of how I label them: “quote1”, “quote2”, etc.

Yes, tracks and the Track Player are handled differently than quotes and other sounds. I think the order the files are added to the SD is the order they would play but you’d have to test.

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Hmmm, is it possible to have multiple track folders, or subs in the track folder to draw from as an expansion? Say I want to play certain Mandalorian, Sabine tracks for my Darksaber one and then draw from another folder for say CalKestis FallenOrder? As-in so the tracks play in succession but don’t draw from other tracks in succession after? (*Hopefully I asked this clearly.)

Put shared tracks in “common” and font specific tracks in “font” :wink:

See here:

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Perfect, knew the option had to be there but couldn’t find the correct search term. Thanks