TNG Type 3 Phaser Rifle

Finally made a video of my proffiephaser, lol.

All 3d printed with engineering resin. Using screen accurate automotive paints.


Uh, WOW!! The power cell and the flashlight mag set up are amazing. Incredible prop!

May I ask where you got the LCARS voice??
Oh and the sight is sweet! Details?

I found an AI voice site, and sound effects from trekweb

The screen is one of the ones I make for small projects like these, mainly in my tricorders. Basically loops video files and uses buttons to select folders and files.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I assumed an AI voice site, I was asking which one. Ones I found were either not accurate, pretty crunchy, or cloning gets thrown off because of the filtering of the sample audio.
That’s a touch screen too?!

I wouldnt normally do AI, except Majel attempted to get her voice digitized for future use by all through googles project majel, but she passed before they could finish.

I can make a touch screen, but I use multiple buttons for category select and file select.