Timing on Seismic Charge Preon

I feel like this may be over my head, but how does one go about changing the timing on the seismic charge preon? I’m trying to make it match the preon for SCR’s Hish-Qu-Ten Blooded (Predator) font which is 7988ms long. I’ve been playing with it in the style editor, but I can’t figure it out.

Is there a layers/blade tutorial anywhere?

Sesmic charge:

If its from my library it should auto time to the preon.wav file length.

Okay, perfect. I thought I read it was set to 2400ms, and then it did something weird, but that could have very well been from my manipulating the preon in the editor. I’ll load it up again here in a bit and see how it does. Thank you.

I “believe” OS5 version was fixed time, OS6 added WavLen<> function.

I was replacing the colors in the preon with the Predator blade, so it could have very well been me screwing that up somehow. Just wanted some kind of center-out preon that would use the same colors as the blade.

OS7 Library will let you change the preon to Base Color if you wanted :wink:

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Guess I’m gonna have to jump in. Many thanks as always.

Same thing it’s doing on the blade I’m tweaking This is it on a standard red Darksaber blade to control for my meddling.

Ah, ok so it’s not the length of the preon that’s the issue, it’s the “drop” animation. I’ll have to change how the initial animation runs, I have to deal with a few other things first but I’ll try to get it updated later in the week.

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