Thunderstorm font

does anyone know where I can find a good font to go with the thunderstorm blade style? I love that one but can’t find a thunderstorm font at any of my normal font shops. thanks.

The Kamino sound font from the default CFX package does that. (It’ll work with Proffie)

awesome. just got the package. I’ll have to check some more of those out, too. are there any name changes I need to do to the files for proffie, or are they all the same?

Proffie and CFX fonts are different, you can use Brian’s converter(if I recall correctly it does that), but Proffie also natively supports CFX style fonts.

so, I can just copy and paste the cfx files onto my sd card?

Yeah, that’d work. I’d run it through just for good measure though.

oh, cool. thanks!

that website even said that it wasn’t necessary when I entered cfx to proffie, so I just stuck them on there. seems to be working fine. got the lightning style on it without any issues, too. pretty cool.

I made a base Thunderstorm back in the day, you’re welcome to it.

I think I just grabbed missing sounds from other fonts. Likely used a fallback in common folder.

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Not a thunder font as such, but my free pack has a rain font where you hear the fizzing noise as the raindrops hit the blade and instantly get vapourized. There’s then a Thunder effect in the tracks folder which you can play with the blade lit as a music track.

You can download it all here:

awesome. thanks!