Things that look like a sci-fi prop, but aren't

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On a slightly more literally note, have a look at this.

Number 19 was quite amusing :rofl:

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I love this stuff. What a cool job that must be.

I often feel like LFL should be hiring people like Starfall Sabers to design their hilts.


This thread is about things that should be a prop, not things that are. :slight_smile:
Although I guess I can’t complain that it’s going off topic since it’s literally in the “Off Topic” category.

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I mean, just look at this stuff:

Look a bit like a (proto saber?) Version of a Ray gun… or at least thats what my mind sees😁

Apologies for pushing it a bit further than intended… just thought it was cool seeing what they actually use.
In hindsight I should have just started a new thread…

I found these compression connectors that look like awesome thermal detonators.

Ended up using some for parts in a staff/scabbard I made for my hilt.


This looks like a potential Emperial Torture tool. The Shop Shark dent puller.

Guess what I thought this was:

Turns out it’s a scale:

Two to beam up!

And then there were 10 chars

Found this plastic handle for a microfiber mop in a flea market box. With a minimal amount of paint, this would look like a saber hilt.

I imagine this one parked over a miniature landscape, with people in the foreground shouting and screaming…

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Keen eyes will know…

One day some sci-fi movie maker on a budget will find this thread and be very happy…

Glass lightsaber?
Sonic screwdriver?

Click below to find out what it actually is…