There is a blade config that wont work for me

There is a special blade config style that Im trying to use with Juansiths new Tano’s Lesson blade. It uses some pretty neat stuff that uses a gesture to swap fonts and blade styles. My issue is its not working for me when i added it to my config.

I think the issues is from me using Functions and maybe they arent compatible with that kind of issue. Do I have to disable the Function capability to use that special feature or is there something else i can do to fix this.

Idk what information you all need to figure it out but let me know

Goto and post the code and then share the link here. Alternately you can also use three ``` put the code here and then end it with three more (not putting them in so this won’t blind them) and it’ll insert the code.



It is an Alt style and requires OS7 and my prop, along with the following define.


Information on set up for my prop and controls here:

Okay. Later tonight I’ll post my config. I have the folders correctly setup on my SD card as provided by Juansith. Nothing changed.

I really think it’s something with my config. I swapped to a config he provided and it worked fine with my SD setup

Then look at what is different between the two :wink:

Well that’s the thing. I did! Before coming to this forum I troubleshoot to the best of my abilities.

I copied Juansiths settings from his config and no change.

The function slightly changes my code. But you said that shouldn’t mess with it.

Only other thing I can think of is I have 4 blades in my setup where his had 1. So I assign the same blade power to the crystal chamber and accent LEDs so everything stays in sync. But I get nothing.

Also when I plug my config into the workbench. It freezes after I select USB

OK, post your config and we’ll have a look.


You cannot use the style for multiple blades in the same preset. See note in comments section of the style code.

NOTE:This style includes Control Layer. Only one Control Layer should be used per preset.

This style should only be used on the Main blade, your other blades need style code without Control Layer.

If you have Early Access to my Library you can generate the same style but uncheck the “Control Layer” option. If you don’t have Early Access then you need different styles for the other blades in the preset.

Okay neat. That was one of the theories I had. I assumed because i had it equipped multiple times it messed with it. I just hadn’t gotten to testing it but thank you soooooo much you saved me the headache of having to keep randomly checking things.

Just by chance do you happen to know why proffie workbench freezes when I plug my board in via USB. I select serial+web USB

I do not, @profezzorn might be able to help.

Start a new thread. Please let me know what browser and computer OS you are using, also check the developer console in the browser and see if there is an error message there.

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