The WebUSB/WebBLE app naming thread

I could use some help coming up with ideas for names for the WebUSB/WebBLE proffieos control app. Some ideas I’ve had so far:

  • proffiesync
  • promote
  • proffieos remote control app
  • proffieos companion app
  • proffieos tricorder
  • proffieos sonic screwdriver
  • proffieos assistant
  • proffieos assistromech
  • jellysync (so when you hook your phone to your proffieboard, you get a PB&J)
  • angely (sounds like “angel-y”, but also also “PB-angely”)
  • NJ (PB-NJ)

Is there such a thing as a lightsaber diagnostic tool in the sw universe somwhere? If so, does it have name?

Fair warning; I might ignore all suggestions and just go with whatever I think is best. :slight_smile:

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I always find naming things one of the hardest bits.

Personally, I prefer to go with a simple but descriptive and possibly witty name. Proffie Companion, Proffie Master, Proffie Control, Jellysync, and Proffie Remote Assistant Control (P.R.A.C.) are my personal favorites but I understand if you go your own route.

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Yes, naming is hard, I’m proud of some of the names I’ve come up with so far.
ProffieOS, Proffieboard and “The Crucible” are all names that I really like.

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How about:

  • Web Operated Proffie Remote (WOPR) ?

ProffieOS Workbench? (inspired by Fallen Order lightsaber customization)

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PB Editor
PB Herman
POSSI - ProffieOS Serial Interface (Not really serial I guess…or is it?)
P-ABC - Proffie App Based Controller

Proffie Saber Toolbox (PST)
Proffieboard Toolbox (PBT)
Proffie Workshop (PBW)
Proffie Link (PBL)
Saber Light Coupling (PLC)
Power Board Coupler (PBC)

just a few that sprang to mind

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I like ProffieOS Workbench

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Proffie-Probe ?
Or maybe Proffie Power Probe - PPP ?
(I always love a bit of alliteration. LOL!).
ProffieOS Saberlink (POSS).

Thinking of names for stuff really is the hardest thing. I’ll keep working on it though. :slight_smile:

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Dude, where’s my Proffie?

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I like this one. Or just Proffie Workbench?

Proffie Interrogator (PrInt)

ProffieOS Web Bench?

what about
proff hub net?

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But it’s ProffieOS, not GladOS :slight_smile:

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I was thinking of all the portals I use at work, for CRM, etc.

I like proffiesync. But I’ll suggest some names:
PFC (proffie force choke)


The Gathering - The Gathering | Wookieepedia | Fandom
The Cave/Proffie Cave - (luke deleted scene in the cave)
Profezzorn’s Workbench