The tomorrow war

Saw this on Amazon Prime:

After reading the premise, all I can think is :man_facepalming:
Why would you take people back with you to the future when you can have 30 years to prepare if you go the slow way???

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interesting synopsis, but like you said “lambs to the slaughter!”
the other point of view would be that time travel would affect the time shift principle and thus would set a new course and the war may never happen! or is it that because of the time travel that it set the course for the war to happen! or that it did not matter what they did (time travel or not) that the impending doom was unavoidable!?
got to love quantum time principles! :joy:

even more interesting is that according to the latest studies of time travel, is that it is not time travel but more dimensional travel.
as the argument goes… there is no one time and space but multiple dimensions and times all happening simultaneously and travellers “from the future” do not in fact travel through time but jump from dimension to dimension and that neither have any bearing on one another.
thus you can not change the future by travelling back through time!

and down the rabbit hole we go! (the blue pill seems appealing at this point! :upside_down_face:)