The tiniest of small things

At the risk of being accused of having OCD, I have one teeny tiny observation about the amazing OS 6.4:
I build 12 colours into my blade styles as I don’t like the infinite colour wheel, and regardless of the first colour in a given preset, they are always in the same order in every preset.
In 5.9, you would rotate the hilt clockwise to cycle through the colours in order. I’ve just noticed that in 6.4 you have to rotate the hilt anti-clockwise.
Is there a simple line I can change somewhere to go back to clockwise?
No drama if not. And the fact that that’s the only thing I can find that isn’t perfect speaks volumes for what an amazing OS release this is.
As always, sabers fans are indebted to the talented and tireless few on the Proffie council who make this stuff possible.
Fantastic job as always gents, and much appreciated.

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I assume you’re using the @Fett263 prop file?

My prop didn’t change anything in ColorWheel except adding ColorZoom. Did you have an orientation define in your OS5 prop?

I confess I’m using SA-22C for now as that’s what I’ve always used. (Sorry Fernando ). One step at a time for me. :slight_smile:

Ahh, Fernando, you’ve cracked it! I had indeed forgotten to re-orientate, as this build has the USB towards the blade.
I knew you guys would figure this out in seconds!
Sorry I missed it myself. That’s the first simple one I’ve missed in quite a while!

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No worries, but for the record I merged sa22c’s controls with my prop for 1 button and added some defines for 2 button so it operates the same. Most of the new functionality for OS6 runs through my prop.

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