The saber experience that haunts me

I had just built my first neopixel saber (it was a plecter board) and was thrilled to show it to my 5th graders. It scrolls!

At the same time I brought my tricree Amber/B/G setup.

I did an info session/lesson on world building and “artifacts” (props) and whatnot and then let all 25 or so kids have a go on on or the other.

So then I asked them, which is better? Neo pixel or tri cree? And this is what loops in my head:

The kids who grew up on Star Wars (they get the Tauntaun joke) within their families all agreed that the tricree set up was more realistic. They saw the base flare and uneven light level as adding to the effect. But what about the scroll? To them that was an issue, so I guess they were raised on the OT which has a lot more “instant on”.

Hoping all of those great kids discover proffie when they reach out for the imaginary worlds they grew up in. May they all get their config from their installer without issue.

You do know you can do that on neopixel easily, right?
In the OS7 library just apply:
Color Type = “Gradient Dim Up”
and set your Shift value, this will apply a gradual dim from the base up.
You can further enhance the effect by applying a colored Emitter Flare with a White Shift Color Type to your liking. It will mimic the baselit while giving you all the benefits of neopixel :wink:


@lylestyle Interpretations are subjective. I grew up on StarWars and given my pursuits (charity etc) my kids grew up on it also, right down to them knowing a bunch of the anime lore by heart.

They’ve seen my old tri-Cree and each have one my Proffie spec’d Flagships and know what? Both prefer the Proffie setup. Even I prefer Proffie to the tri-Cree. I only kept it because it made me smile. When I had a solid offer I sold it. With Proffie (scroll) they love it more and then can also build styles, do fun effects like block, stab, melt, and as @Fett263 pointed out add that visual draw to their bladestyles.

So I guess in a way there’s still…

…A New Hope? :wink:

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Those are definitely added video effects.

I just brought up base lit sabers yesterday and Fett263 gave me some advice to simulate the look:

Everybody knows their own kid best. Pixels add weight, but you’ll only get full blade lockup with baselit. So if they are a colors and lights kid, pixels are a no brainer. But if your kiddo leans towards a ‘hulk smash’ vibe and will be smacking garbage can or whatever, baselit is nice.

Also, Fett’s got that whole choreography mode going on with his prop. Great for home videos!

You can also buy tricree adapters and make her a thin walled lighter blade to swap out for the pixel blade. Not strong enough for adult dueling, but good for kids.

^That. I did this exact thing for the boy (picked it up via The Pach Store) since he seems to feel an innate need to use more power than necessary in his swings. The other kid knows better and has a thick-walled blade of her own.

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