The Holding Help

When soldering, it’s really important to keep the wires and stuff still, especially while the solder is solidifying. SInce I’m not Doc Ock, I use these things to hold things in place:

Helping hands

I’ve tried a bunch of different helping hands, and these turned out to be the best. I tossed the base and attached the magnetic hands to the base on my microscope instead.


For SMD work, tweezers of various size and shapes are a requirement. I’ve bought a bunch of different ones over the years, but I’ve never found any real difference between them in terms of quality, durability or ease of use.


I just bought these, but I haven’t actually used them yet. I saw them in a video by MegtoothSith, and it looks great.

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Moving this here.
Recommend: Shrink wrap the teeth on alligator clips before clamping to a PCB, and/or get one of these handy magnetic board holders.


Yes! Double bag as well.