The Force (was) Unleashed - Wii Controller Down

Has anyone ever put the time into trying to fix a Wii controller themselves? It looks like the kids did something and now it consistently won’t recognize. For clarity you can do the reset but within 5 minutes of starting to play a game it won’t respond. It’s specifically this controller, mine from my system work fine w their system. So instead of trying to find yet another controller (they’re all remans now) I’m thinking of doing this myself.

Any input is appreciated.

I’m curious to see what you discover. I started fixing nintendo products when a 3DS went into giga drift. I’ve done several switch controllers, and a PS controller or two, but my Wiimotes haven’t gone dead yet.

It looks to me like it’s not to hard to disassemble, except for the two clips in the front. There’s only one board inside, so no Nintendo connector origami. So if it’s dead(ish) and you’re curious it should be relatively easy to clean and check with a multimeter.

If you are looking for legit info and haven’t found him yet, Rob at RetroRGB is the guy I always begin with any retro console inquiry. I once went to an event where he linked two Virtua Boys for playing Street Fighter 2 while live streaming it and getting playback on a CRT monitor. The guys in that crowd know their stuff.

I just bought one of these Wii HDMI adapters on his site’s recommendation. It had a brightness issue and the creator either fixed it or swapped it out for me, paying postage both ways. The retro gaming/mod world is very proud of their reputations and stand by their stuff.

Short version, I got lucky, it was a simple thing and it’s passed the 2-hour kids playing Force Unleashed and Lego Star Wars (nunchucks needed) testing.

I should have taken pics but was just trying to get it working. Not having a 2.5mm tri-wing screwdriver was interesting but I had a driver I modded. Got it open and for some reason the positive contact on the board had started to peel off. I carefully unsoldered things and first glued it back down. Then I went back with a thin x-acto blade and scraped it clean along with some more of the sealant off the trace, resoldered it and it’s all good. Finally I went and cleaned all the inside of the controller and the inside of the console with 99%-isop. SO MUCH DUST/ETC!!

It was a fun test in patience and sanity for sure.

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Should I play 1, 2 or both? Seems common (read:cheap) and looks fun.

I have both, there’s an initial learning curve but each game is awesome and worth playing.

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Update for those wondering if the repair(s) held. Been using the controller since and also letting the kids hammer on it playing for hours and no more issues. The clean and resolder(sp?) with a good gun and solder worked perfectly.

IMHO be sure to check the AA batteries weekly in case you’re using Duracell. I don’t know why the connection popped loose. Maybe cheap factory solder or workmanship? Maybe the battery acid etched it to the point it failed? As for the Duracell’s leaking, they were brand-new, bought less than 2 months ago. It’s like they seem to be more prone to leaks these days so I’ve switched over to Energizer.