The facebook black hole

So, I have a problem with facebook.

What seems to be happening right now is that I post something here, and then people discuss it on facebook. At best, this means that the discussion is simply lost in a few days, which is just unhelpful. At worst, it means that I have no idea if there is a problem, because I don’t always read facebook.

If anbody have any ideas how to make the the facebook black hole suck less, let me know.

Simply state direct traffic here. I shared the 5.9 update w just a link.
Didn’t answer what the changes were. Should be a given people will click the link.

People might click on the link and read the post here, but where do you think the comments go?

That’s just the nature of social media. I gotta tell you, having moderated for years, that’s not something that will just change. The current generation is focused on the social media sites, not forums.

It would take a major effort to get everyone, including FB group admins and their teams to redirect solely here then.

So in that you need to tt Brian, Fernando, and Dmitry to make that happen.

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If there’s ever a problem that warrants troubling you about, I have always redirected people to goto TRA, or as of late here. To me, that would be unusual, unique issues, or interesting discoveries, as opposed to the 99% user error problems that show up.
If there’s stuff you do NOT want posted on Facebook, please just say so.


Thanks for that NoSloppy, because to be honest, I don’t actually want people to post every little thing here either. It’s not that I don’t want things shared on facebook, but lately it’s been a bit discouraging since there seems to be next to no discussion on many topics that I’ve posted here on the cruicible. I’m probably just being impatient, building communities takes time.

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It also matters for us folks that don’t (and won’t) use Facebook.
Never had an account and never will. I get all my saber info and news from forums, even if that limits me.
That being said, I’m hoping the this new place grows and becomes what you want it to be, because I sure do.


Add something like “discuss the topic through the provided link” and disable comments to the facebook post?

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Also if you want this forum to grow fast and be the only one for everyone, you need to delete your sections on other forums and force people to move here. It will be also much easier for you to reply and post only in 1 place.

True, but I’m not going to do that.
I did update all the links on my website to point here though.
Most of those links were pointing to the fx-sabers forum!

I’ll try to stay predominantly here, I too have grown to despise facebook. The same questions are asked and answered so frequently, its discouraging. I tried to read and research and figure things out on my own before I ever posted a question to Fredrik. I was embarrassed to ask Fredrik or anyone else for help, because that felt like I was just dumb. But on facebook, people aren’t shy about being intellectually lazy, most seem to pride themselves on never having read the manual, or anything else. It is very frustrating to me. I don’t know how to fix it, and my presence on facebook has been shrinking drastically as it seems to grow more and more dysfunctional. I guess its a generational thing.


It is definitely a problem especially in light of that people prefer to connect to like minded individuals via social media. I find it that it’s good for making friends but the challenge with social media is repository of knowledge… e.g. search feature on Facebook sucks balls.

I am guilty of being Impatient but this forum is going to be very useful especially with my plans on the OS modifications and learning more about how to publish.

Heaven forbid all the hourly “my LGT proffie core isn’t working” questions come here.
I’m of the same mindset that I will do everything I can to learn for myself before considering asking anyone; best way to learn.
It’s not often I comment either as I’m a silent observer, but all the threads I’ve read here are infinitely helpful :v:t3:


I’m going to try “disable comments” when I post links to here for a while.
We’ll see if/how that works.

Fingers crossed it works :crossed_fingers:
When I first started with this project I too was a deer in head lights but with the forum and the manual and a bit of youtube I was on my way and have learned a great deal.
This forum is brilliant so far and hope it continues to grow👍

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Delete FB. But before you do, let group members know that THIS is the place to be!

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