Teaser - New Interactive Styles Coming to OS6 Library

One of the biggest and coolest features that’s gone relatively unnoticed in ProffieOS6 is the new Interactive capabilities. I’ve been hard at work prepping the library to support these awesome new styles so I figure it’s time to drop a “Teaser”.
Interactive Styles and Effects introduce an “almost” video game like experience to your sabers. With Interactive Styles we can combine any number of responsive capabilities, effects and functions to create truly interactive experiences with the blade styles.
These 3 are just the teeny, tiny tip of a massive iceberg of capabilities about to drop.

#1 Star Wars Visions - Ninth Jedi: Kara Interactive Blade style.
Star Wars Visions - The Ninth Jedi. In this episode the sabersmith has created sabers with crystals that get their color and strength from the connection to the Force of whomever wields it.
This style is based on Kara’s journey, her experiences lead her to unlock the full connection to the force. When first ignited the saber will be dull and have a slower pulse. As she battles and blocks and deflects the Sith attacks her connection to the Force is unlocked. Based on the episode after 10 clashes the potential of the crystal is unlocked and her next lockup will be the tipping point and her saber will unleash it’s full power. (Do 10 clashes to unlock the crystal’s full potential, then lockup to release the power).

#2 Interactive “Fire and Ice”
This is a brand new update to the Ice Blade effect using the new Interactive capabilities. Using the Force Effect you can freeze the blade in a layer of ice, but Clashes or Stabs will slowly chip away at the ice and allow the Fire to melt it away.

#3 DOOM Eternal Crucible Sword (Interactive Blade)
Based on the Crucible Sword in DOOM Eternal, this interactive blade style lets you ignite/recharge the blade by pointing down, after 3 clashes or stabs you will need to recharge the power of the blade.
All of these styles an more will be coming to my OS6 Style Library very soon so keep an eye out and get ready to interact with your sabers like never before!


Sneak Peak - More New Interactive Effects coming to PHASE 3 of the ProffieOS6 Style Library
I wanted to give another sneak peek at some more new Interactive Effects coming in PHASE 3! The inspiration behind these effects are the classic fighting video games where certain character have different powers and abilities that you can unlock through various controls and combinations.
There are several new variations of each of these effects and more coming to the Enhancements in Phase 3 to let you bring even more interaction to your saber. These are just a few examples:
#1 Power Build-Up - this effect is meant to be like the power build up that many characters in fighting games and anime have where they collect energy and then are able to release it in an attack. The version in the video is a Force Recharge, so each time you do the Force effect you will begin to collect and build up energy in your hilt and then when you swing your blade you’ll release all the energy you’ve built up. After releasing the energy you can “recharge” by repeating your Force effect. The speed and intensity of the effect is based on how long you allowed the energy to build up.
#2 Fireball - this effect creates an animated Fireball complete with a solid body like a comet and a trailing tail of flames. Each swing will throw the Fireball up the blade and the speed which is travels is based on the inertia you generate in your swing. This version is a Force Toggle so you turn on or off the effect by using the Force and while active you can continuously throw fireballs with each swing.
#3 Flamethrower - this effect will have a small flame at your hilt but each swing will throw the flame up the length of the blade, the speed and duration of the flame blast is based on the inertia you generate with the swing. This version is always on but you can also choose Force Toggle to turn it on or off.
All of these effects are demoed on the new “Blank Blade” to allow them to be seen on their own but they can be added to any Base style you want in the Enhancements screen when PHASE 3 launches later this week.
So keep an eye out for the next huge update coming to the library!