TD charging blunder

So I was going to take my thermal detonator to work for 4th of May, but the battery was low, so I charged it. Unfortunately that didn’t work, so I left it at home.

Now, I took it apart, and found out that the charge port was hooked up incorrectly, and charging never worked. That means that my TD worked for about three years on a single 280mAh charge…


Well, technically they only need to work once, so I’d say you’re ahead of the curve.


The same kind of circuit that I used to cut battery power on my TD is even simpler to do on a V3 board. The pFET is already on the board, and there is already room for a pull-up resistor. All you would need a switch and a few capacitors. (The capacitors makes it so that the power is cut off ~10 seconds after the switch is turned off, rather than doing it immediately.)

So what you’re saying is in a few days we’re gonna see the first V3 TD?
[Palpatine’s “Do it.” voice over plays as he read that.}