Swing trigger problem

I have a problem with the Saber Editor for OS 6.5+ from Fett 263. I have a Proffieboard 2.2 and use Arduino 1.8.1, I tried version OS 7.7-7.14. When I use (Force Boost), only the Force Boost effects that are activated by pressing a button work. But I want to use swings to trigger effects like: fire swing, unstable swing and so on. So all swing effects that don’t need to be activated by Force Boot. Most of what I trigger with Force Boost such as: Force Boost Aura, Interactive Flame Thrower (Force Toggle), works. All effects that should be triggered by swings don’t work for me. Unfortunately, Force Boost Pixelate didn’t work for me either, no matter what I set. Sorry for my bad English! I also wanted to say thank you for the fact that something as great as this editor even exists.

Post your config and confirm which OS you’re running.

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I’ll get on the computer straight away and post it afterwards. Thanks for the help!

I found the mistake. The power boost swing effects only trigger when I swing my saber very quickly. I mistakenly thought that they were triggered by light swings like “swingh,swingl”. Sorry again and thank you for your time.