Swing Millis constant events - should I worry?

Bit of an odd one - I just flashed a brand new loose board and serial monitor is showing constant Swing Milli events, even though the board is completely still (sitting on my desk with a paperweight on the USB cable a couple of inches from the board to stop any ‘creep’).

Have tried re-flashing again, but no difference.

Bad board or nothing to worry about?

Thoughts welcome.

Did you try different OS versions?
Is this file the same as latest / greatest?

It was 5.9. Just loaded the same config onto another board with no issues.
But I’ll try 6.7 and report back…

Well I’ll be…
Loaded the identical config with the same prop in 6.7 - fixed;
Went back to 5.9 - problem returned.

So what’s all that about just out of interest?

Anyway I guess that’s the problem solved. Thanks as always Brian! :+1: :slight_smile:

Manufacturers took it upon themselves to use a different motion chip, and Fredrik had to account for it in code afterwards.
I don’t remember when that happened, but it seems like after 5.9, if that’s indeed what the issue was.

This line in particular, but there’s likely more to it.

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Ahhhh! That makes sense.
Thanks so much for the explanation Brian. Always good to know what I’m dealing with.
And also goes to show that my routine of programming and testing loose boards before install is sound. :slight_smile: