Suddenly sound cracking laggy noisy problem

two days ago I built up my proffieboard, everything works just great,I was very excited to it and very enjoy the building process even sometimes distressing. and very apperciate the people that willing to help me out. But today the saber sound was suddenly cracking and noisy. It was fine for two days until today. I testd the GND and BATT+ is around 4.1V and I noticed the FET section is alittle bit hot than before. I don’t know the reason,looks like just Suddently problem.

I tried to format my SD card using Formatter/change config file/ decrease the volume/change the battery/ but nothing improved…

Well, there is a number of things that could be happening.
Since you’re saying “laggy” the SD card would still seem to be the most likely problem. Have you tried running “sdtest” to see what it says? Or maybe just try a different SD card to see if it helps?

Maybe I should also ask the obvious question; have you tried charging the battery?

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Hi, Prof.I tested my saber and found out it’s not a ‘‘laggy’’ sound, the sound is actually cracking and discontinuous sound. I tested the GND to BATT+ is 4.12V, GND to 5V pad is 5.12V… also the GND pad and FET part are very hot when using a battery, reboot In 10 cycles, 8 were SD card not found errors. Do I need to reweld some pads and change the pogo pin to fix it or use a new board instead?

The battery is fully charged, and the battery voltage is around 4.18V.

This is bad.
It means that something is shorted or pulling a crazy amount of power.
I would start by disconnecting whatever those FETs are connected to and see if that helps with the other problems as well.